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"The first thing you gotta discard, whenever you're learning about something, is your ego." // Luke Smith

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This is your playground! We are going to teach you how to read code as well as how to write it. After all, how can you write if you can't read? Learn to read, learn to problem solve, and learn to enjoy the process. The community is there to help, as long as you put in some effort yourself.

"...in order to learn something, you have to go through a lot of exercises, because there's a lot of muscle memory or, in case of programming you have to have the muscle memory in your fingers. There are certain things you should not have to think about. That you have to drill. That you have to do over and over and over again." // Erik Meijer - regarding that quote, please don't skip or click show solution at once when doing exercises. These are meant for you to learn. Wax on, wax off : )

So don't worry, you are doing great!

Be sure to use these lessons here in conjunction with reference documentation.

Before executing random code you copied from "someone" - code you can't read or do not understand, do consult voluntary support on YAGPDB's support server.

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