General Tips

"Dots... thou have been connected."

  • New users should start running and learning YAGPDB in a testing environment, not on live-servers; that way you avoid a lot of problems.

  • Default state of YAGPDB is all commands running. Before changing any permissions or making command overrides, make yourself welcome with running YAGPDB + custom commands - and only then start limiting permissions and using any overrides, this includes amVs.

  • There's no "undo"-button, kicking YAG does not help. Write your changes down at first, then you can revert back manually and actually know what you changed.

  • Never assume YAG is running 24/7; don't build your system on that assumption.

  • A cool hardware engineering game called MHRD has these three introductory steps to follow, it fully applies to CCs as well >

    • If you don't know what to do: Read the manual and specifications!

    • When creating your design: Draw it out on a piece of paper! No one ever created something great just by looking at their screen...

    • If something is wrong with your design: Inspect the error messages and failed tests closely to find where the problem is.

    Keep these in mind... they will come in handy sooner rather than later!

  • YAGPDB also has a control panel, not only a dash-board.

  • Start simple, never over-complicate things on the first run. This even goes for command triggers.

  • Your custom commands will get more lengthy in the future, it's good to get accustomed writing them inside some text-editors or IDEs.

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