1. Write a CC to determine if the number stored in a variable $a is even or odd and print : Number is Even or Number is Odd depending on case. Verify the output for the following values of $a : 1 , 9 , 0, 10021 , -5\

  2. Predict the output of the following code snippets. If there is an error in the snippet what is the cause of the error and how can it be fixed ?\

    • {{$num1 := 10}} {{if $num1}} {{num1 := 6}} {{$num1}} {{end}} {{if not (mod $num1 3)}} {{$num1}} {{end}} {{$num1}}\

    • {{$name := "John"}} {{if eq $name "John"}} {{$family_name := "Walters"}} {{end}} My name is: {{$name}} {{$family_name}}

    • {{$string := "happy"}} {{if gt $string "Sad"}} Be {{$string}}! {{else}} Dont be {{$string}}! {{end}}

  3. Write a CC to check if the member triggering the command has a nickname. If true, print Hello followed by his nickname. Otherwise print Hello followed by their username + discriminator.\

  4. Let us assume tax is calculated is follows: For income between $1 to $1000 : No tax. For income between $1001 to $2000 : 10% on the amount above $1000 For income between $2001 to $5000 : Previous taxes + 30% tax on amount above $2000 For income over $5000 : Previous taxes + 40% tax on amount above $5000 Write a CC to calculate total tax assuming income is stored in a variable called $income. If tax is more than 0, print the exact tax as well as the tax rounded off to the nearest integer.

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