Exercises for working with parseArgs and .CmdArgs

  1. Write a CC that will output the following information information about the user passed as an argument : User : (User's username + Discriminator followed by ID) Nickname : (User's nickname or None) Avatar Link : (Avatar link of user) Role Count : (Number of roles user has) Joined At : (Timestamp when user joined server)

  2. Write a CC that will send the name of the current channel or the channel provided. Hint: Look at the docs for the Channel object to see what properties it has, and which one provides the name. Use parseArgs with optional argument.\

  3. Write a CC that when given an integer N greater than or equal to zero returns a string of the number followed by an apostrophe then the ordinal suffix. Example returns would be: 20'th 42'nd 101'st... This CC uses functions modulo mod and division div and joinStr for return. For parsing the input to value for variable $N we use parseArgs. Also conditional execution statements if-elseare being used. Here you have to think of an algorithm, how to get correct suffixes for correct numbers and then generalize it to CC code. Example solution.\


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